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Palm Beach - Jupiter Courier Newsweekly

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The Jupiter Courier Newsweekly recently published a story on Artfest By the Sea, a beautiful art show I was part of two weeks ago - set next to the gorgeous scenery of Juno Beach, the subject of my photo Ocean Embrace (below). They had some nice things to say about my work...

Palm Beach Gardens ArtFest by the Sea

Xavier Nuez Xavier Nuez is a Chicago artist renowned for his unique photography and photographic subjects. He places lights and colored gels to illuminate decaying objects, buildings, streets and other urban settings at night. Then, using a slow exposure he brings the “ugly to light.” His work has been displayed around the nation in fine art museums like the San Diego Art Institute, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and countless galleries.

Series of macro works Nuez joined Howard Alan Events for the first time last season, bringing his newest series of macro works with him to introduce to the broader public. Enchanted with the setting behind him during the festival, Nuez decided to try his technique ten feet from his booth that evening. The result is a view of Juno Beach never seen before. Glowing lights illuminate the walkway down to the beach at night, creating a neon outline of moonlight at every step. He was so excited, he continued his theme and this year returns with an entire new body of ocean-themed work.

Ocean Embrace

Shot at Juno Beach, 2017

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