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The Alleys & Ruins series is a "masterpiece"

The New York Times


"Nuez rockets beyond the familiar conceit of redeeming derelict spaces and trash, and embraces them in an orgy of riotous glitz"

Newcity Chicago


"Nuez scouts American cities for solitude and decrepitude [and] finds inspiration in derelict sites”

Washington Post

Best photography of the week

The New York Times

“Beauty and a touch of mystery ... Nuez’s bold, contemporary Crystal series photographs crackle with splashes of bright primary colors”  

The Detroit Free Press


"When you see his work, you will never see a dark alley the same way again”

PBS. WYCC-TV, Chicago, IL


“Nuez's keen eye and succulent colours infuse his insects with a fragile shimmering beauty that deflects much of the horror” 

Hour magazine


"Nuez has made a career of distilling the aesthetics of vicious urban settings. His dedication to capturing the perfect shot is palpable" 

Chicago Weekly


"Ruin is his gig ... Nuez is the closest thing to a national authority on the subject of urban alleys" 

San Diego Weekly Reader


"Using half-century-old Hasselblad cameras, and combining colored gels with long exposures, Nuez’s images are vividly surreal representations of some of our most unloved places"

Architect Magazine


"In none of his photos does Nuez exploit the obvious" 

Montreal Gazette


"Street-smart Art ... Xavier Nuez is among the hottest artists to hit the urban art scene" 

Art Business News magazine


"Seductive ... Nuez's photos do not leave one indifferent"

Ciel Variable


"Nuez discovers beauty in the most hideous thrown-away blighted eye-sores imaginable … the details are staggering" 

Silicon Valley Metro News


"Nuez has managed to capture some absolutely fantastic photos and has moved quite a few people with his work" 

FOX 2 News, St Louis, MO


“Nuez's alleys are images of beauty and power” 

The Buffalo News


"His photographs transcend the gloom and uncover the sublime; while some photos display an aura of foreboding, many reveal an uncanny sense of calm seemingly at odds with reality"

Land + Living


The New York Times - Shining Strobe Lights on the City’s Dark Corners

Lakeshore PBS feature story: Eye on the Arts

PBS-TV feature story: In the Loop

ABC-TV feature story: The N Beat: Cultural Connections

Washington Post - Galleries: ‘Vaiven' review

Chicago Reader - Chicagoan of the week


The New York Times / Lens - Best photography of the week

Professional Artist Magazine cover story

Chicago Tribune - Arts Pick of the Week


The CW - goes on a shoot with me

El Pais / S Moda - feature story on ruins

San Diego Weekly Reader cover story

Art Business News - Street Smart Art

NPR feature story - Extended interview

MusiquePlus-TV 1994 interview (in French)

The Montreal Gazette - First Alley interview, 1993


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