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Those Crazy Glam Bugs! They're always up to something

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Dismas is the thief who inspired trillions. The bug world has been in an uproar since Dismas was crucified for apparently stealing cotton to keep her newly laid eggs warm. Mass demonstrations have erupted; they are calling it the Bug Spring… Those crazy glam bugs are always up to something!

I shot Dismas recently while a film crew from the art magazine NewCity was shooting a short documentary about my Glam Bugs series. It should be released within a month, and of course I’ll post it.

Below is the set up. What you can’t see is all the light painting I did with a very small gelled flashlight – stuff I learned to do on a much larger scale shooting the Alleys and Ruins. And of course, Dismas was shot with my trusted 50-year-old Hasselblad film camera.

I’m also excited about the many new images I’ll be releasing in the coming months! …many from both the Alleys & Ruins and Crystal series.

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