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The Glam Bugs get their close-up

Rhodius: fallen hero of Troy

Those of you familiar with my work at the art fairs have seen my Alleys & Ruins and Crystal photographs. But this year, finally, I am bringing the entire Glam Bug collection! They will be available as large wall hangings and as smaller, matted pieces.

I’ve been working on the Bugs for as long as the other two bodies of work: almost 25 years! … jumping from one to the other for periods of time, while trying to keep them all fresh. Although the Crystals and especially the Alleys have become more successful, the Bugs are near and dear to me. I’ll call them an acquired taste, or a cult favorite – many of you will just call them icky.

Count Blankfein: collected souls

The Glam Bugs: Before photographing bugs, like most people I saw them as insignificant and annoying creatures. But my impressions began to change when I observed them through the eyes of a lens. Their lives took on a new meaning, and by the end of a shoot I saw them as larger than life icons – sometimes a heroic figure in an epic drama; at other times a superstar adored by millions; or an evil villain; or the tragic victim of a cruel world. The images in this theatrical series begin with a concept and sketches where I flesh out the character I want to create. I build a tiny set, then search for the right bug to star in the role. I then pose it with dramatic and complex lighting set-ups, using cards and flags to create tiny shafts of light. When I am finally done, my glam bug is ready for their close-up.

You can see the entire Glam Bugs series here.

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