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Spain's national newspaper El Pais features my work

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

El Pais recently published a comprehensive feature on the photography of ruins, “Ruinas, los reinos abandonados” Several photographers were asked to discuss their inspirations and motivations on the subject.

El Pais is Spain’s national newspaper and is the highest-circulation daily in Spain. The article appeared in S Moda, a weekend culture magazine insert.

Translated article:

Ruins, abandoned kingdoms turned into poetry and denunciation

Artists who portray forgotten spaces question the public about the (broken?) Dream of progress.


Finding beauty in the most grotesque things is a gift ». It was written in 2010 by the artist hidden under the pseudonym Seph Lawless. And the expression has become a motto for the community of so-called urban explorers , who have developed their documentary desire for abandoned spaces under the cover of social networks. This artivist - as he defines himself, combining the words artist and activist in English - began to address this issue after the 2001 terrorist attacks. “He wanted to document a different side of the United States. A vulnerable one », he remembers.

He now self-publishes the book Pearls Before Swine , devoted to abandoned churches, identical in character to his two previous works: Autopsy of America , which collected snapshots of current American ruins, and Black Friday: the Collapse of the American Shopping Mall, a reflection of the decline of the system through mammoth shopping centers relegated to oblivion, a complaint that went viral and reached 26 million visits worldwide.