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Bubbles – at the end of his rope

Here are a couple of production shots from my work shooting Bubbles (the inspiration of which was the tragic, but heroic, homeless heroin addict from the great TV series The Wire)

And... production photos from the recent Count Blankfein bug image (btw, dedicated to Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs). To get an idea of the scale, there’s a red thumbtack (a little obscured) holding down some blackwrap on the left side. The bug was at most a half inch tall, and although you can’t see them in the final image, it was propped up by its wings. The newspaper clipping - with an old alley image of mine - served as the background, which was only slightly visible in blue. The Count’s trophy wall hanging was a mess of bugs caught up in a web that I found last October while packing to move to Chicago. Oddly, among the victims was a spider.

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