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Preservation and Decay

Chicago Weekly has just published a thorough story on my work thats worth a read: Preservation and Decay: Xavier Nuez’s photographs find beauty in insects and inner cities by Keith Jamieson.

My sorely neglected Glam Bug series has been on the back burner for some years, but they hang prominantly in my new studio and gallery. In the next few years, I’ll be devoting a great deal of time toward growing my population of heroic bugs.

I miss working on this series; I miss sketching out and creating absurd histories for my dead creatures; I miss building the sets followed by the technical lighting challenges; and I miss the results: transforming a lowly bug – whose cousin I might have squashed at some time in history – into a star. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Like my alleys, where I glorify shunned space, I have a need to glorify these shunned creatures. They are all at the bottom of the barrel, where they are reviled by society, and this is what makes me love them.

Rhodius: fallen hero of Troy


2nd Fridays off with a bang!

Last Friday was my “coming out” party here in the Chicago Arts District where I got to exhibit my work for the first time from within my new studio and gallery. And what a great studio warming party it turned out to be! with many friends coming by, along with scores of new faces! I look forward to many more Second Fridays!

Christina Lee interviewed me for Northwestern University’s Medill News Reports - you can catch a glimpse of my new space.

On a sad note, my dear friend and part-time rep, Bob Dills, passed away recently in South Carolina of a heart attack. He was a cherub through and through, with a smile and a presence that lit up rooms. You will be missed.

Robert Morris Dills 1944-2009


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