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New Image: Alleys & Ruins no. 145, Key Bridge (Washington, DC, 11pm)

This was my 3rd attempt to get a good shot in DC – the first being nine years ago; the 2nd three years ago – so I was thrilled to find this abandoned shack under the Key Bridge in the Georgetown neighborhood. The Key Bridge spans the Potomac River, linking DC to Arlington, VA. Georgetown is a historic and thriving neighborhood, plus I had two friends with me, happily making this a very relaxed shoot.


The Illinois State Museum, Springfield IL Mar 23 -Aug 31, 2014 502 South Spring Street, Springfield, IL

Fragile Relations” is a touring exhibit that began at the museum’s Chicago gallery in Oct 2012. After the Springfield exhibit closes, it will move to the Illinois State Museum’s Southern Illinois Gallery (November 9, 2014 – March 15, 2015).

Fragile Relations highlights the work of fourteen Illinois artists who are inspired by nature and the environment and show diverse ways of perceiving and experiencing the world.

I’m exhibiting two 32X40 Alleys & Ruins, three 32X40 Glam Bug pieces, and an 8×10 foot print of Alley 134, Dub Stop. That image is also being used in all the promotional material and is first piece people see when entering the gallery. Unfortunately I can’t attend the reception.

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