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New Crystals and so much more!

I’m anxious to release many of the new Crystal images I’ve shot recently – I’ve been trying new (and super secret!) techniques. The Crystals are close up pictures of dinner plates that I re-glaze and re-paint.

All my work is shot on film, because I just like how film looks. However, my film scanner has been behaving badly and needs a spanking! Until its repaired I’ll have to sit on a pile of film.

But above is one of the new Crystals, The City of Emeralds


North Suburban Conference Art Festival keynote speaker

I gave the keynote address March 15th at the North Suburban Conference Art Festival.

Its an annual event where art students from 14 high schools gather. The event this year was hosted by North Chicago Community High School.

My topic was “Find Your Voice”. I spoke about the need for them, at their young age, to begin finding their style, their voice, what it is they have to say. You do this simply by creating lots and lots of art – obsessively. Without realizing it, your vision will begin to take shape.


Asheville Art Museum upcoming group show

Three of my Alley pieces will be included in a group show, Art After Dark: Artists and Artificial Lighting, at the Asheville Art Museum from June 29-October 27, 2013.

The exhibit will feature five artists who create images in the dark hours of the day utilizing artificial light or who use the night as inspiration for creating dream-like images. The museum is located at 2 South Pack Square, Asheville, NC


Illinois State Museum in Chicago

My show at the Illinois State Museum in Chicago, Fragile Relations, is now traveling through the State Museum’s other galleries.

It will be at the Lockport Gallery from May 25 – October 25, 2013, then to the Southern Illinois Art Gallery in 2014 and the Springfield Museum after that.

The show was featured on ABC-TV in Oct 2012, and was the Chicago Tribune’s A&E Pick of the Week in Dec.


Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

I donated a large piece to ARTSIDA in Montreal. Its a yearly AIDS benefit – the pieces will be exhibited from April 20-May 3, in Galerie D, finishing with an auction May 4 at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal


And finally, I’m a huge fan of the twisted comedy duo, Tim and Eric. I think most people will hate them, but here’s one of their more easily digestible bits, Spagett!

If you like this, check out Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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