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New Alley image! plus Workshop pics and Urban Edge Opening

Alleys & Ruins no. 141, Cotton Belt (2011, St Louis, MO, 10:30pm)

The St. Louis Southwestern Railway, better known as The Cotton Belt Route, was formed in 1891 to supply a rail route from St Louis to Arkansas and Texas. The Cotton Belt was eventually bought out by Union Pacific, and this depot was shut down in the early 1970′s. Its an enormous building, as seen above


I held my first ever workshop last Saturday and Wow was it fun! During the class, I explained in detail how I create my Alley images, and then I taught the students how to do it themselves. I set up a ladder draped with random sheets, and told them to make something of this eyesore. I then provided a selection of lights that they could choose from and they took it from there. I was blown away by the talent in the class!! Below are just a couple of the many, many great images from the students. I plan to hold this workshop again next year. Sign up for my newsletter if you want me to keep you posted.


And Saturday night I attended the opening of Urban Edge, a fantastic group show I’m part of in Waukegan, just north of Chicago. The gallery (also called Urban Edge) had been an empty space owned by the city, which the art-loving mayor decided would become a huge beautiful industrial gallery. Vickie Marasco curated the show while David Motley with David Dallison helped transform the raw space into a little bit of Soho/Chelsea in downtown Waukegan. See the show at 220 Clayton St. A good time to go is this Sat Dec 3, from 2-5pm when the arts district holds its annual Holiday artwauk. Or call 847-902-6662 anytime for a VIP tour of the show.

Vickie Marasco, painter David E. Dallison, party crasher me

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