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Holy bleep!

An amazing thing happened this Sunday – and no, its better than the Tony Awards. Brian, a guy who’s been collecting my work for several years walks into my booth at the Old Town Art Fair in Chicago on Sunday morning just before opening. He tells me he’s getting married today to his longtime girlfriend, Kate, and I say Great! Congratulations! He then asks if I wouldn’t mind if they got married in my booth. I say, What??!! He and his fiancé had decided weeks ago to get married surrounded by my art. So I peer out of my booth and there’s the wedding party – bride, maid of honor, best man, flower girl and the minister! Obviously I’m blown away!! I say Of course! So they enter my booth and a wedding ceremony ensues. The minister says a prayer, the vows and rings are exchanged, there is some crying, and they are married. It took maybe 15 minutes. The best man shot video of the whole thing which I’d love to see. When it was over I gave them a gift – a piece from my Crystal series titled From Soul to Soul.

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