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Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom celebrates her 80th this weekend and she still has more energy than almost anyone I know. She’s been laughing and shining bright her whole life. Tonight I fly back to the homeland, Montreal, to be with her. A big birthday party is planned for Saturday, with my dad, my two brothers, Rob and Charlie, their families, our extended family and my parent’s friends. My mom will likely be the life of the party…

Mom, dressed in a flamenco costume in Spain 2 years ago.

Cuevas de San Marcos. The small town in the south of Spain, where my mom grew up.


Urban explorers

Tatjana Vejnovic is a photography student at the Brooks Institute, and a fellow urban explorer. She’s introduced me to some of the run down areas in the Bay Area, and she and a friend assisted me on a night shoot on Mare Island.

Alley no. 106 - Stacked (2008, Mare Island, CA, 10:30pm)