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Florida photos


I was in Florida for 7 weeks, doing shows and running away from the awful winter we had! And of course taking photos.... here are two of them.

"Passage" was shot in Lakes Park in Fort Myers. With my wife Nikki at the camera, I ran around the park with two spotlights, one in each hand, lighting the trees and bushes and grass. I knew early on I wanted the warm color from my lights to be prominent and I think it gave the final image a cozy feeling. Plus I wanted the scene on the other side of the bridge to be a little bit richer... a reason to cross...

Love on the Beach

Nikki has a set of little string lights on a copper wire, so before heading south I bought a couple for myself and made this heart. It ended up being used for several images, where I would built little sets for each shot. One of the shoots had me chest high in the ocean, along with my tripod, camera and heart set-up.  Here's the first one, perched up high and dry, at Juno Beach ...

A key thing I look for in my light painting subjects is simplicity. The image is going to become more complex as I light it. To avoid a busy image I start with something graphically simple and also something that conveys a simple message, because the message also will become more layered and dense the more I work on the image.

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