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End of an era: My last 2nd Friday in the Chicago Art District

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

2nd Friday Gallery Walk in the Chicago Art District

After 9 incredible years, opening the doors to my studio almost without fail, every 2nd Friday of every month, this chapter finally comes to a close. This will be my last 2nd Friday.

2nd Friday was always one of my favorite days of the month. I loved the wonderful art loving crowds that would come in, all the great conversations I would have, all the friends I made, always with a gin & tonic in my hand! I always felt I was hosting a party and thats certainly how it felt in the room! We always had plenty of complimentary wine and snacks and great music, and everyone was just in a fantastic mood, going out to the 30 or so artist's private studios on a Friday night, drinking wine, talking to the artists, having a ball. I will miss this event real bad.

2nd Fridays was run by the hard working Cynthia West, director of the Chicago Art District. It didn't hurt that she loved my art and frequently made me the featured artist! :D

And the sales from these events were just the icing on the cake.

We would open from 6-10pm, and sometimes it turned into an after hours party! Or afterwards we might head down to Skylark, the local hipster dive bar, and it would fill up with artists and their friends for more drinks, merriment and conversation.

But 2nd Fridays live on!

The district has over 30 artist studios and galleries that open their doors as part of the Chicago Arts District 2nd Friday events.

The event is a unique self-guided walking tour of the intimate world of the working artist. There's an info booth at 1945 S. Halsted St (double check!) where you can get a map and more info on some of the evening's highlights.

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