Carnival of a different kind

Dallas's Deep Ellum warehouse district is the city's cultural and musical center, and was a mecca for jazz and blues clubs from the 1920's through the 50's. It's the oldest preserved neighborhood in the city - a city which features lots and lots of steel, glass and concrete. Deep Ellum is the most unique and adventurous part of Dallas, and was by far the best area for me to explore for my night shots. When I first saw this dank little corner, I was in awe and freakin thrilled! This crazy location exists, but I couldn't figure out which store front it was part of - if any - either a pizza parlor or a tattoo joint. The graffiti was excellent and I tried to highlight it as much as I could.

Alleys & Ruins no. 152, Carnival (2018, Dallas, TX, 11:30pm)

I shot a 1-minute video of the area, and walked into the "mouth"

Click here for the YouTube link

Lighting every "tooth" evenly and accurately was the trickiest part

Looked a little different during the day...

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