Blackhawks! ...and New Image!

Aaah, I get to be a part of another Stanley Cup Victory! It was absolute Mayhem at The Crossroads, the bar in Chicago where I watched the final game, with a lot of happy people jumping on tables. And now I’m thinking of renting myself out to NHL teams. When I lived in Detroit, the Wings were on top; while in the Bay Area, the Sharks were hot. While I lived in Montreal, the Habs won 2 cups. I move to Chicago in November, and … Any way the highest bidding team wins!

Its especially sweet since I grew up playing hockey. Here I am with my friend Neil celebrating the win.

In other news, this Friday is 2nd Friday in the Chicago Arts District. My studio will be open from 6-10pm.

And here is a new image - shot in Newark, NJ last week. The light in the top right is the moon; the blue sky is from the moonlight after a long exposure.

Alley no. 133, Road Work (2010, Newark, NJ, 2:15am)

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