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ABC-TV Chicago interviews me at Illinois State Museum

Emmy award winning reporter Theresa Gutierrez from ABC-TV in Chicago interviewed me at the Illinois State Museum where my show runs from Oct 5 to Feb 1, 2013.

Illinois State Museum , Chicago Gallery, 100 West Randolph, Chicago

The group show focuses on issues relating to the environment both external and internal. I’m exhibiting six 32×40 pieces, three from both the Alleys and Glam Bugs series.


My studio and gallery, along with many others in the area, will be open for this annual art walk in the Chicago Art District.


Photography Workshop - Saturday, Dec 1st and Sunday, Dec 2nd, 10am-2pm

Please reserve early to save a spot – - I’m limiting the class size to 12 per day.

The Sat and Sun class will be identical.

Price: $150 ($136.99 + $13.01 tax). Visa, m/c, paypal, check, or cash

This will be a fun 4 hour class – for all age groups – focusing on lighting technique. I’ll be disclosing state secrets! Namely, how I create the images in my Alleys & Ruins series. The class, held in my studio, will include a power point presentation where I break down my images, followed by hands on picture taking by all the students, using my lights and lighting technique. There’s no need to bring a camera – we’ll all be taking several turns on the same digital camera on a tripod, and seeing and discussing the results projected on a big screen!

Last year’s class was a big success! Here are some of the reactions

“By far the best workshop I have ever been to! Teaching, then allowing the students to utilize the information learned immediately really allowed all the students to grasp the concept! (This also gave me a new appreciation for the art that Xavier takes the time to create! This is no joke folks! This art takes true talent to create!) Also, it was wonderful to meet other passionate photographers! Thanks again!” Kira Here

“Xavier, your workshop today was great and worth every penny I spent. Excellent insight into how you create your beautiful work. And an inspiration. I’m a portrait photographer but some of your Alley & Ruin techniques are a wonderful addition to my coffer of photographic tools.” Detlef Koertge

“Thanks so much for opening up your studio and your bag of tricks to us. Your workshop was amazing. I can’t wait to try out all the stuff I learned” Rich Lockhart


Alley 134, Dub Stop, is named that because someone scrawled “Dub” on the stop sign. But Dubstep is a form of electronic dance music. A dubstep dance style has emerged that, at its best, is mind-blowing. Here’s an incredible example: DUBSTEP

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