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The Quiet after the Storm

The Quiet after the Storm

A short behind-the-scenes video is available here.


I was in Philadelphia for a show, when at 3am, unable to sleep, I finally gave up and went out for a walk. At 4am I found myself walking along the Schuylkill River Trail in East Fairmount Park, enjoying the peace and visual delights - the quaint corners, old sculptures and lush gardens. With my senses heightened, and with so much stimulating scenery, I couldn't help but turn into a full on photo-scouting machine.

I came upon a bench next to the the Reading Railroad Bridge with a nice view and had a seat to take a break. The more I looked, the more I liked what I saw. I got up and stepped back and with my spine tingling and dawn beginning to light the sky, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

Built in 1856 the bridge (aka the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad,  aka the Schuylkill River Viaduct, aka! the Falls Rail Bridge) has so much character. With the old stone arches and the ivy growing on it, it looks like something they brought over from Europe. But Philly is a very, very old city, founded in 1682 by William Penn, an English Quaker, so we've got our own old Europe right here. 

Maybe not coincidentally, in 1854, with the rise in population of the surrounding districts, the Act of Consolidation was enacted, which extended the city limits from 2 square miles to roughly 134 square miles and the bridge was built soon afterward.


"In none of his photos does Nuez exploit the obvious" 

Montreal Gazette

"Seductive ... Nuez's photos do not leave one indifferent"

Ciel Variable - Contemporary Photography magazine


Light Paintings series


I sometimes fantasize that with the snap of a finger, I can escape reality ... in a moment, be transported to a dream world free of life's demands, a child's playground where magic exists and all is right with the world.My Light Paintings are that portal. Through them I can transcend reality and escape into these beautiful, vibrant yet peaceful realms.




Although there is some digital manipulation in this series, the unusual lighting and surreal quality in the Light Painting series is achieved by using colored lights during long exposures. They are not digital effects.



    Our unique and vibrant photographs will add depth and stunning color to any home, office or public space. They are offered in two main finishes


    1. Metal float mount
    Our Metal prints have a magical luminescence. Their vibrant, saturated colors jump off the wall, and will last for generations. They are created by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets making them incredibly durable and scratch resistant. The ready-to-hang finished piece is float mounted, so they float one inch off the wall.


    2. Archival prints
    We print on premium quality Sunset eSatin paper, using archival Ultrachrome inks for incredible endurance and color saturation. These prints will last for generations.

    11x14 and 16x20 sizes are available with or without a window mat. If you are unsure which is best for you, feel free to contact us. Most clients seem to purchase without the window mat.


    Prints larger than 16X20 are available as full-frame prints, without a white border or a window mat. If you want a white border, just let us know!

    If you have a specific size requirement, that's no problem! Maybe the perfect size is somewhere between two of the sizes in the drop down list. In that case, the price would be the proportional difference. We?ve also stretched and cropped pieces for customers to fit precise spaces. Give us the dimensions and we'll email you image options for you to choose from. There is no charge for the extra labor in custom sizing pieces.


    Metal prints in the following sizes include a Certificate of Authenticity, which will be mailed to you:

    48X65 or 48X72: edition of 15

    43X57 or 40X60: edition of 25

    32X40 or 30X45: edition of 50

    24X30 or 22X33: edition of 100

    16X20 or 16X24: edition of 200

    We want you to be happy with your art purchase. If a piece arrives damaged or defective, please contact us and a replacement will be shipped. All of my finished pieces are created using the highest quality archival processes. They come with a lifetime guarantee against fading or color shift.

PriceFrom $59.00
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