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Montreal Gazette

montreal gazette 1993 press clipping


Prowling the alleys for art

VVESTMOUNT — For photographer Xavier Nuez, alleyways offer an oasis in a busy city. "There are no neon signs, cars racing through, publicity or a million pedestrians," Nuez, 28, said in an  interview while training his Nikon camera on the backs of houses in Westmount, where he has a studio. They are not cared for aesthetically like the front. Here you find air conditioners, fire escapes and garbage, and that makes it interesting."

Nuez became obsessed with photography after taking one course at Dawson College 10 years ago, he said. A graduate of communications at Concordia University, he worked professionally as a commercial photographer for more than two years. "I learned a hell of a lot, but it didn't offer much personal fulfillment," said Nuez, who began concentrating on art photography last year. Nuez is a member of the artists' collective, L'Atelier BigBang, which is holding a group show in a clothing store. The exhibit continues until Jan. 31 at Soul Boutique, 5132 St. Laurent Blvd.

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