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RV Museum Donation

My image "Lost and Found" has been a big hit with collectors. Amy Amdur - the unrivaled Queen of Chicago art festivals - has called Lost and Found a masterpiece!

The RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana made it all possible with their generous accommodation. That's where I found the smallest Airstream ever built: the 1958, 10 foot prototype. Only one was built.

By bringing in large photo prints of beautiful scenery, I was able to create and photograph the stunning reflections that bring the little trailer to life.

I recently donated a framed print to the museum where it will hang next to the trailer.

Above Left to right: Kelsey McDaniel - Administrative assistant, Jose Rodriguez - Administrative Director, my awesome wife Nikki, some guy, Darryl Searer - President and Ryan Szklarek - Executive Vice President.

The Feels... Always a sweet moment!

That guy again... and Lost and Found finds a lovely home!

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