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PBS interview: Eye on the Arts

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

PBS crew in my studio. November 2021

This Wednesday, March 16, I'll be one of the artists featured in a very intimate and personal interview for the Lakeview PBS show, "Eye on the Arts". The older I get the less I care about showing deeper parts of myself. In the interview, I lay bare the difficult origins of my Alleys & Ruins series.

I've been writing a lot lately, a lot of very personal history that is integral to my art, with the goal of eventually putting it together in a book. The process has not been easy, as I force myself to re-live agonizing periods of my life, but its also been therapeutic and I'll eventually share more in my newsletter.

The show, the season 7 premier of Eye on the Arts, will air March 16 at 7pm (CST) on Lakeshore PBS throughout Chicago and the surrounding area.. It'll air again on Sunday, March 20 at 9am (CST)

“Eye on the Arts” is a half-hour program that highlights a diverse range of artists and arts organizations. The series received an Emmy award in 2021 for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts and Entertainment.

The video is available on my YouTube page. The entire episode can be seen on the PBS website



Accepting an award at the Tarpon Springs Art Festival in Florida, March 2022

I've been in Florida with Nikki doing art shows since early February. Every show we've done has gone beyond great! And all my latest pieces have been a hit, which is inspiring.

Our last show is in Orlando, this weekend, then we head back to Chicago.

Nikki and me enjoying Miami, Feb 2022

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