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New Image! Tiki Bar

I paddled through dense green waters, and drifted along turquoise blue streams. Through fields of wildflower, I floated as if in a dream.

Glittering, the sun's rays broke through the thick forest canopy.

And as the sun was setting and the air cooled, a thunderous storm approached.

Beyond the mangroves, a clearing appeared and I walked through it, leaving my raft behind.

Night had arrived but I marched on. Through the lightning and thunder I wove my way past the dense growth toward a golden light.

I squeezed around the Buttonwood bushes and stood before this glowing gem. A magical oasis had appeared and I was thirsty.

My friend Bob built this terrific tiki bar in his backyard and let me shoot it recently. He had filled it with countless treasured items and it was such a joy to highlight as much of it as possible.


2022 Lighting Workshop dates

The dates are set for this year's Light Painting Workshop

Sat & Sun, October 15 & 16, 10am-2pm

(each class is one day, choose your day)

Reg price: $175; reserve now for only $150

Only 12 spots are available for each day. Don't miss out, I give the class only once a year!

For more information, and to register:

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