New Glam Bug! ….. and the Workshop is SOON! 5pm

Thanks to everyone for coming to my party on Sat!! I had a great time! And I must thank you for not putting holes in the walls or setting the place on fire. That was very much appreciated

Now, without further ado… here’s the latest star in the Glam Bugs series, captured while bustin a move on stage, somewhere deep beneath the soil…Nikki: (hiphop) dancing queen


And my Workshop is coming up! Most people are interested in how I shoot my alley photos, however I’ll also briefly discuss my techniques shooting bugs.

Sat, Nov 19, 10am-2pm.

- The Saturday class will focus on technique. I’ll be disclosing state secrets! Namely, how I create the images in my Alleys & Ruins series. The class will also include a general presentation of studio lighting as well as some discussion of my Bug and Crystal series. Although I create the images on a film camera, I’ll be training you using a digital camera for instant feedback.

- Price: $110 - Space is limited. To sign up, email me:

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