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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

My latest image, Lost and Found, has been a real journey to create, but I love the result!

The trailer is actually a rare cultural treasure: built in 1958, its the smallest Airstream ever constructed, at just 10 feet across with a 6'3" head clearance. It was a prototype that never went into full production, but airstream founder Wally Byam loved it and personally named it Der Kleine Prinz (The Little Prince).

I cut out each patio lantern separately so I could tape them exactly where I wanted. And I made different sized campfires to give me options during the shoot.


I first saw the trailer a year ago when passing by the RV Museum in Elkhart, Indiana. It has the distinctive polished aluminum and rounded curves that have made Airstream so famous.

But its tiny size gave me an idea. It was small enough that if I made huge photo prints, of say a beautiful landscape, I could place them in front and photograph the reflections.

After getting the generous cooperation of the museum I gave myself a month to prepare. I created three giant images for the reflections: three 4X7 foot prints, of the sky, the range and the grassy foreground.

I brought along my studio lighting gear and enough equipment to off-set all foreseeable problems, since I had never shot a photo this way before. But then of course, there are the unforeseeable problems...

When I first placed one of the 4X7 foot prints in front of the trailer, I groaned. It looked like a postage stamp. Apparantly the curve of the trailer gave new meaning to the phrase, Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear.

Nikki, taking care of business

I ended up cutting one of the prints in half and had to place it much closer to the trailer than I had planned. This worked out but it meant the shoot would take much longer. I have to give a huge thanks to museum manager, Jose Rodriguez who let me and Nikki work two hours past closing!

And finally, an early Frankenstein-looking version!

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