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Instituto Cervantes, NYC opening gallery exhibit

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Instituto Cervantes, NYC, March 24-April 17 2014 Opening reception: March 24, 7pm 215 East 49th Street, New York, NY

Motor City, one of the pieces I'm exhibiting

The group show I was in last November, VAIVEN, at the Spanish Ambassador’s Mansion in Washington DC was a huge success, and got rave reviews from many media sources, including the Washington Post.

The show features six photographers from Spain and the US who interpret the realities of both countries from multiple perspectives. I have three 44×55-inch Alleys & Ruins pieces in the show.

The exhibit has now begun touring the country, and will open at the Instituto Cervantes in Midtown Manhattan, NYC on March 24th, with a reception at 7pm that is free and open to all. Unfortunately I can’t be at the reception, but the show continues until April 17.

The dichotomy of belonging to two places and the constant play between the influence of cultural background versus the setting, remains the core of this exhibition. Memories, popular culture, identity, the everyday life, nature and urban spaces function as starting points to analyze the motivations and expectations that lie behind each photographic series. The diverse backgrounds of all the artists meet on the common grounds of their intersecting perspectives of both countries. Ana Hayes-Pérez, explores her personal connection with Spain through souvenirs and family memories; Carla Tramullas analyzes the process of remembrance with shots snapped on her trips across the US with her grandfather’s Leica. Javier Corso reinterprets the military imagery of Spain through the strong visual references present in the popular culture of the US Raúl Urbina observes Chicago by foregoing its iconic side to focus on the city’s driving forces, from its people to its infrastructures; Chicago based photographer Xavier Nuez uses dark alleys and ruins of the city to turn his pictures into monuments that give dignity to rejected urban spaces. Monica Lek uses her photographs of New York to reflect the human reality of the city through portraits of her neighbors.

Details Provenance: Spain Arts & Culture

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