“Beauty and a touch of mystery … Nuez’s bold, contemporary pictures crackle with splashes of bright primary colors.”
Detroit Free Press


The images in the Crystal series are extreme close up photographs of chinaware that I’ve re-glazed and repainted.

I select plates that already have designs on them (usually floral). I then apply a crackle glaze and vibrant, colored paints, which give them extraordinary textures and colors. They are less than an inch across and are extremely fragile due to my unusual process.

The tiny designs break down and flake away just days later, but with care, my photographs allow their brief but beautiful lives to be captured forever.
Dream til morningEmerald BayA universe beckonsShe walks in beautyThe fruitful lifeWhen I was a childLove stormA faint crySunburstA rose is a rosePeer into the infiniteDance of the spiritsMindfulnessSongs of LightWhere the clovers growTurmoil and LaughterLunacies, all sublimeThe radiant maidenReceding TimeA brief silence