Xavier Nuez | Orders


To place an order, please contact Xavier directly by email, text or phone, with:

1. Image Titles and Sizes 

2. Shipping address and phone number.

I'll send you a Paypal invoice where you can pay with any credit card (you don't need a paypal account), or if you prefer you can mail a check or do credit card by phone.

Orders ship via Fedex. You are also welcome to come to my studio to pick up the pieces or book an appointment to look at samples.

Gift Certificates are always available.



See sample finishes here




Alleys & Ruins and Glam Bugs series

43X57 metal floatmount print  -  $3495

32X40 metal floatmount print  -  $1795

24X30 metal floatmount print  -  $895

24X30 flushmount - $425 (Not available for all images)

16X20 acrylic facemount print  -  $445


Light Paintings & Crystals series

40X60 metal floatmount print  -  $3495

30X45 metal floatmount print  -  $1795

22X33 metal floatmount print  -  $895

16X24 acrylic facemount print  -  $445


All series

10% off 2nd print, 15% off 3rd and each after

16X20 print alone  -  $215

11X14 print, mounted and matted to a final 16X20 size (or print alone)  -  $79

8X10 print, mounted and matted to a final 11X14 size (or print alone)  -  $49


Shipping costs:

43X57 or 40X60 metal floatmount print  - per piece  -  $100

32X40 or 30X45 metal floatmount print  - per piece  -  $75

24X30 or 22X33 metal floatmount print  - per piece  -  $50

16X20 or 16X24 acrylic facemount print  - up to 2 pieces  -  $25


16X20 print  - unlimited prints  -  $8

11X14 print, mounted and matted (or print alone)  - up to 3 pieces  -  $8

8X10 print, mounted and matted  (or print alone)  - up to 3 pieces  -  $8


Limited Edition Sizes

43X57 or 40X60: edition of 25

32X40 or 30X45: edition of 50 

24X30 or 22X33: edition of 100

16X20 or 16X24: edition of 200