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Indy ArtReach

I had a great time at my opening reception Friday at the Indianapolis Art Center! As a bonus, I got to host a 2-hour workshop with a group of kids from the Edna Martin Christian Center, an Indianapolis ministry. The workshop was part of the IAC’s ArtReach program, which is run by the very capable Michelle Winkelman. After giving them a tour of my work on display, we went to a classroom where the group pulled out their own photos and proceeded to create collages. To emulate the colored lighting that I add to my photos, the kids colored their photos with brightly colored markers. Here they are showing their final pieces! Michelle is at the far left, and I’m in the center.

And here I am at the show with two friends from Ann Arbor, MI, Coreena and Vicki. The exhibition, curated by Patrick Flaherty, runs until August 1 and features 18 of my Alley images.

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