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Indianapolis Art Center solo show

Tomorrow, Friday, is the opening reception for my solo show at the Indianapolis Art Center. I’ll be there from 6-8pm, having a great time!! Anyone in the area, please come by and say hello! The show, Alleys and Passageways, features 18 pieces from my Alley series, all but 2 are 32×40 prints. The Center has a great ArtReach program. So earlier in the day I’ll be giving a 2-hour class to high scool students, explaining what I do, then discussing their photographs and collages. This beautiful center was given life in 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s depression-era New Deal. The Center has several galleries, and my opening will co-incide with the openings of the other shows in the center. The exhibition runs through August 1. The Center is located at 820 E 67th St. Indianapolis, IN

Although I’ve been chased by street gangs over the years while creating this series, only twice has a gang actually swarmed me, where I had to talk my way out of a beating and having my gear stolen. One of those times was in Compton, CA, a city known for its gangs. The other time was in Indianapolis, a city not famous for its gangs. Nevertheless, a year ago, I had a stressful standoff in the city. You can read the story here.

Alley no. 110, Compactor (2008, Indianapolis, IN, 2am)

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