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I’m King of This Alley

The noted playwright, Alex Finlayson, has written a thoughtful cover story about alleys for the San Diego Reader. She shares my perception that they provide a rare and necessary counter-option to the staid reality of all that is normal and visible. Their ability to provide refuge and spice, even within a suburban setting, makes for some fascinating stories. She interviewed me for the article, I’m King of This Alley, some months back.

Here’s my one and only San Diego alley, shot last year, and the blog post that goes with it.

Alley no. 124, Rope-a-dope (2008, San Diego, CA, 11pm)


Saint Louis!

Come say hellooooo!!

I was interviewed yesterday in the studios of FOX 2 News here in Saint Louis.

  1. Kimberly Finnegan 9.12.09 / 11pm

I was excited to see your work again this year at the STL art festival! Your stuff is unique and I like the idea of creeping around the city at 2am taking pictures, wild. If I had the money, I’d a big ol’ piece of artwork… unfortunately I’m a broke student so I have to settle for the small prints. I think the bug stuff is pretty interesting too, as I found a big, dead, fully intact cicada in my yard yesterday, and seriously considered photographing it but talked myself out of it. Guess it wasn’t such an odd idea after all…

Rafael Gomez 9.18.09 / 9am

To me, your artwork was the standout of the STL Art Fair. I wanted to spend the night in your booth so I could see every detail in your photos. Very beautiful work. You have inspired me on my search for the beauty in the mundane. I wish you would have had your Bugs & Crystals there as well. May you live long and keep photographing till your last breath.


Angel Island

I went hiking and camping with Pam on Angel Island this weekend. Angel Island is a state park with a rich history in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The hiking is great with stellar natural and urban views. There are also many abandoned buildings from numerous military installations – Civil War garrisons, WWII training camps and POW camps, and even a Nike missile site to combat nuclear weapons. It’s also home to the famous immigration station that has been dubbed the Ellis Island of the West.


Press page

I’ve recently uploaded links to new and old press articles featuring my work. The oldest date to the early 90’s when I was just starting to develop my Alley series, and had my first showing of the work: a group exhibit in Montreal with an artist co-op I belonged to called L’Atelier Big Bang. The press clippings are all on my site’s Press page

  1. Randy Grant8.29.09 / 1pm

Yo X, totally diggin’ the vintage press releases. keep ‘em comin’ baby !

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