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Chicago that toddlin’ town!

Well……… I’ve packed up my stuff here in the Bay Area of California, where I’ve lived for the past 3 years. Monday I begin the long cross-country drive, in a 24ft truck, to my new studio and home in Chicago. The studio is in the historic Chicago Arts District, which dates to the early 1960’s. Its an area rich with artists, and with regular events and activities for the public.

Every 2nd Friday of the month is gallery night. I, along with the 30 other artists and galleries in the neighborhood, will open our doors for receptions from 6-10pm.

Friday, November 13th, please come visit me and my new studio! located at 1932 South Halsted St, studio 402.


The End of the World

I’ve been in a funk, so I thought I’d add some Snap! to my day by googling a favourite subject: end of the world. Watch one of the friggin funniest cartoons I’ve seen in a long time.


West Bottoms

Here are images of one of my favourite places to shoot in the country. Kansas City’s West Bottoms – the city’s old industrial center – is a massive, nearly abandoned wing of the city itself. Probably a lot of no-good happens there, but its filled with preciously decayed corners.


An image here, an image there

My antennae haven’t been at their best these past few months, so some of my night explorations have proved fruitless. However! they have sputtered into action more than once recently and there are a basketful of new images coming down the pipe. Kansas City, Louisville, Madison, Seattle, Oakland and Berkeley.

Here are two polaroids from shoots in Kansas City, MO followed by Louisville, KY, shot in the past couple of weeks. And as I always feel compelled to say, these images are a shadow of what the final shots will look like. They were tests done mainly for lighting – the final photographs, shot on film, will be radically different.



Here’s one of my earliest night shots (actually, twilight). It was shot in Cape Cod on a family camping trip in 1983 when I was 18. Since I was young and didn’t know what I was doing, I set my camera on Auto and released the shutter. This car drove by and I thought, “Damn! the shot’s ruined.” Although I try to avoid light trails in my current work, it was a thrilling revelation back then.

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