Light is my paint brush

darkness is my canvas


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Alleys & Ruins

Long after dark, I venture into bleak urban settings, seeking out their elusive splendor. With the city humming in the background, I find inspiration, peace and refuge where none should exist.

 I've developed a need to create monuments out of these shunned spaces. Although positive, life-affirming perceptions are not usually associated with acute urban blight, I feel compelled to dignify what has been rejected.

Background stories, plus behind the scenes photos of my images are available through the Store page

Light Paintings

I sometimes fantasize that with the snap of a finger, I can escape reality ... in a moment, be transported to a dream world free of life's demands, a child's playground where magic exists and all is right with the world.
My Light Paintings are that portal. Through them I can transcend reality and escape into these beautiful, vibrant yet peaceful realms.

Background stories, plus behind the scenes photos of my images are available through the Store page

The Crystals

The images in the Crystal series are extreme close up photographs of chinaware that I’ve re-glazed and repainted.

The tiny designs break down and flake away just days later, but with care, my photographs allow their brief but beautiful lives to be captured forever.

The Glam Bugs

When I look at bugs magnified through my photographic lens, they become larger than life icons – sometimes appearing as a heroic figure in an epic drama, or a superstar adored by millions; a tragic victim in a cruel world, or a powerful evil villain.



Xavier Nuez is an award winning art photographer who's unusual, innovative and painterly approach to lighting and photography has created a distinct celebration of all things ordinary, boring and ugly.

The New York Times has called his Alleys & Ruins series a masterpiece.

As he says, "You don't need to stand in front of something interesting to be a better photographer"

He and his wife Nikki run the Chicago studio (Nikki with a little more grace and calm), and they travel together around the country doing some of the nation's best art fairs.

His photographs have been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries internationally, including the Illinois State Museum in Chicago; the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in California, and the San Diego Art Institute.

His work is in numerous collections worldwide - personal, corporate and public - including those of the University of Richmond Museum in Virginia; the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND; the Illinois State Museum; Mr. Danny DeVito, and Ms. Angela Lansbury.

Complete bio and resume is available here

Xavier’s family is from Spain; he was born in Montreal and lives in Chicago. Two or three nights a week he can be found at Johnny’s IceHouse playing hockey.



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