The Ñ Beat – ABC-TV Chicago goes on a night shoot with me

An ABC-TV film crew went out with me recently on a night shoot, documenting how I produce the Alleys & Ruins images. The details of my process are in fact a state secret, leading to the rapid and lethal appearance of a Navy Seal team via stealth Black Hawk helicopter. What happened to the ABC crew is now also a state secret. But I believe snippets of video made their way back to the station.

And that’s good news for you! You’ll get to see how I play under cover of the night!

ABC’s Emmy award winning program, The N Beat, aired Saturday, June 25 on Chicago’s Ch. 7. I discuss the Alleys & Ruins in depth, including life influences, mentors, the evolution of the series and so on. The program features several other Chicagoans who have made a positive impact on the city. The show is hosted by the esteemed Theresa Gutierrez and produced by hard working Edgar Vargas.

Below is the shot we did – a beautiful defunct bit of rail, hidden around a corner. Near the end of my segment, you get views into how I lit the image. During the 20-minute time exposure (required to get the city light on the film), I dressed in dark clothes. Moving quickly, I could enter the scene, light a small patch and leave again without any trace. You see how I’m able to create glowing light, and how I’m able to pinpoint little dashes of color in the Alleys & Ruins series. The lighting I did that appears on the show was a study for the Instant Film print I would later use to make the final photograph. I do the test because, lacking instant digital feedback, I need to get an idea of how near or how far I am to what I have in my mind.

See the segment here

Alley no. 139, Tracks, IL (2011, Chicago, IL, 10:00pm)

With me were friends Neil Moldenhauer and Noel Occomy, both of which have been my lookouts on other shoots. Noel shot lots of great photos! Here are a few:

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