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Solo Exhibit at the Condé Nast bldg in Times Square opens March 3 plus a little bug!

Today I’m off to New York – my solo show at the Condé Nast building begins March 3rd (to April 18). If you’re in the area, the opening reception is the 3rd from 6-8pm – I expect to have a great time!! The space is right in freakin Times Square of all places! I don’t get to exhibit my 44×55 pieces often, but there are four in the show, along with eleven 32×40 pieces from the Alley series.

And here are some production stills showing the little diorama I built. By the way, the little wasp is white because I dusted her with flour (how do I know its a her ? I took a peak)

While shooting my latest Glam bug, and trying to create a powerful (and slightly malevolent) Ice Queen, the image and original intent somehow drifted away into what looks more like a Good Fairy. And then while playing with the puny props, I shot this tiny, 1/2-inch shard of glass (below) on a desolate landscape and realized, “Now I’m on the right path – the Ice Queen has been here!!” I will find the Ice Queen, she can run but she can’t hide!! Buahahaha!! Still, I’m happy with my new friend, the little fairy bug.

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