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Two of my alley images will be in a large group show opening June 5, 6-10pm (to July 11) at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester NY. The show 6×6x2010, is an exhibition by many artists, all having contributed pieces sized 6×6 inches. My alleys are shot on 120mm film in a square format. The images I normally make available have been cropped horizontal or vertical, when in fact the original images are square. When I’m scouting for shots at night, I’m always considering how a potential image will be cropped because they all begin the same way: square. This show is a rare instance when I’ve displayed alley shots in their original format, and which I’ve reproduced below.

This weekend I was at an art show in the Hamptons, NY (the Montauk Art Festival). Driving back on Sunday night I headed for Harlem to look around for a possible shot. It was another case of being alone, which meant the need to be more careful. Manhattan is a problem for me. It is so densely populated from one end to the other that it is very difficult to be somewhere away from people. I finally gave up after a 2 hour Harlem search. I then headed to nearby Newark, NJ – I pick the finest places – where I think I got a good shot! I get the film back today and am very eager to see it.

Here's a square images I have in the Rochester show:

Alley 100, Ghost Story (Kansas City, MO, 1:30am)

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