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Avalanche of Crystals

I've been Crystal Crazy lately, shooting a large number of new images for the series, and it has paid off!

The Crystal photographs started in 1985 in a freak accident involving some pottery, some glazing, the planet Neptune, and a 70s era mini-van. Ok, actually that's not all true, but it really did involve a freak accident, in 1985, with ceramics and a crackle glaze which resulted in a prized photograph for a then enthusiastic 20 year old!

It took years before I decided to further explore the possibilities, and every time I work on this series, I tweak the process, giving me wildly different results. Considering that I'm photographing scenes that are a half inch wide, a litt

le tweaking goes a long way.

But this was my most productive ever, and again, its thanks to some adjustments that produced results I had never seen before. Looking through my extreme macro lens, my eyes kept popping while looking at these incredible, tiny landscapes.

Without getting into more detail, the Crystal series photographs are extreme close ups of chinaware that I re-glaze and repaint. I look for tiny, happy accidents where color and form come together.

Here are some of the new additions to the series

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