Coming Up … Up and Coming!

lang sonata There are several exciting events on the horizon for my work 1. I've been shooting lots of new Crystal images. I'm thrilled with the results! but there's so much stuff that it will take a while to go through all the photos, scan the negatives etc before I can start posting the new pictures. 2. Composer Thomas Lang has finished writing a Sonata based on my art. The Sonata has three movements, each inspired by one of my three main bodies of work. The piece was composed for Trombonist Brett Keating; the premier performance will be in Luzern, Switzerland later this year. Needless to say, I can't wait to hear it! Thomas Lang: "I really enjoyed using Xavier's work as inspiration for this project. I absolutely love how he uses such vibrant colors to bring life to lifeless objects and creatures. I was talking with Brett about how there's this wonderful juxtaposition between oldness and decay, and newness and regeneration, and when I formulated Xavier's art in those terms, I was able to add an extra layer and raison d'etre to the music." 3. My show at the Illinois State Museum, Fragile Relations, ends this Fri, Feb 1. The show has been quite successful and will now be travelling through the State Museum's other galleries. It will be at the Lockport Gallery from late May through October 2013. 4. The Instituto Cervantes in Chicago will host a solo show of my Alleys & Ruins, opening in April, including several 8x10 foot prints. 5. The North Chicago High School is hosting the North Suburban Conference Fine Arts Festival on March 15th where I will give the keynote address and give a workshop.

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