25th Anniversary of the Alleys & Ruins series !

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This year I celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Alleys and Ruins series. It has been an unlikely and eventful path ... from first entering dark alleys with my camera, with barely a clue, in 1991 to eventually, incredibly, making a living from it. 

2015 was another banner year for me, with many successful museum, gallery and art fair shows for all my work: the Alleys, Bugs and Crystals – as well as having the Illinois State Museum acquire one of my pieces for their permanent collection. 

25th anniversary in the Chicago Arts District

As part of the Alleys & Ruins 25th anniversary, the Arts District will show a retrospective of my work, including several 8x10 foot pieces in the store front showPODs. The installation will be up in Sept and Oct, 2016. More events will take place, including a talk. I'll have more info as the date approaches.

ShowPOD installation in 2011, for the 20th anniversary

ShowPOD installation in 2011, for the 20th anniversary


Union Street Gallery 
Curious Reality: exploring the mythos of fantasy 

Feb 24-March 26, 2016 
1527 Otto Blvd, Chicago Heights, IL 

The Curious Reality group exhibition marries fantasy as dreams with the idea of the impossible, through art inspired by the realms of fantasy, imagination, video games, sci-fi, & neo surrealism. Two of my Glam Bugs are in exhibition. 



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